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Product Update: The Smarter Drafter Add-In for Microsoft Word Is Now Available

Managing versions, enabling eSigning, and saving the final version to Practice or Document Management systems have never been simpler.

While the precedents in Smarter Drafter cater to the majority of scenarios, we understand that each client possesses unique circumstances. To facilitate lawyers in adjusting or personalising client-facing documents, Smarter Drafter always allows the export of completed documents to Microsoft Word. Editing a Smarter Drafter document without disrupting heading styles, numbering, bullets, and tables adheres to a simple process as they always adhere to the core formatting principles of Microsoft Word. Just click where edits are needed and start typing.

And now, with the latest update to Smarter Drafter, this process has become easier than ever.

Introducing the Smarter Drafter Add-In for Microsoft Word

The Smarter Drafter Add-In for Microsoft Word is now available. Once installed, it grants you access to Smarter Drafter controls directly within Microsoft Word. Managing versions, enabling eSigning, and saving the final version to Practice or Document Management systems have never been simpler.

Version Control

Legal documents often require several iterations to perfect. With the Smarter Drafter Add-In, any changes you make in Word can synchronise with Smarter Drafter, ensuring you're always working on the current document. This is especially beneficial when more than one team member is reviewing or approving client documents.

Send Direct to eSigning

Smarter Drafter features a built-in eSigning platform, enabling law firms to reduce the number of software subscriptions needed and manage the entire document drafting process on a single platform.

With the Microsoft Word Add-In, you can send a document directly to eSigning with all of the signature blocks in place. With just a few clicks your document is converted to PDF, set for signing and emailed to clients. 

Best of all the Submissions table in Smarter Drafter is updated, letting your team know that this document is now with the client

Send Direct to Practice and Document Management

Practice Management and Document Management solutions are crucial to the way a firm operates, becoming the ‘single source of truth’.

With the Smarter Drafter Add-In for Microsoft Word, saving the final version of a client document to your single source of truth is just a few clicks away, directly from Microsoft Word itself. This includes seamless integration with leading legal solutions including:

  • LEAP
  • Smokeball
  • Clio
  • Actionstep
  • iManage
  • NetDocuments

The best part? You've already associated the document with the correct matter at the start of the drafting process. Just click ‘save’, and your job is complete.

Available Now

The Smarter Drafter Add-in for Microsoft Word is available now and free for all Smarter Drafter subscribers. 

Install it from the Office Add-In store or directly within Word by clicking Insert > Get Add-ins. Simply search for "Smarter Drafter" and you'll find what you're looking for.

For more details, please visit the Smarter Drafter Help Centre (here) and read our Microsoft Word Add-In article.

We encourage you to install the Smarter Drafter Add-In today and explore its features. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.