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Smarter Drafter creates advanced legal documents in minutes, not hours and days.
Built for Australian law firms, it’s a team of virtual lawyers that do all your drafting.

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Legal automation built by lawyers who have worked with:
Built by lawyers who have worked with:

Goodbye clunky precedents. Hello time.

Our legal automation means you can stop spending your days hunting for square brackets in hacked together Word Documents. Smarter Drafter guides you through the legal decisions you need to cover, then drafts an advanced legal document. It takes only minutes.

Real Human Reasoning

Our world-first legal automation captures the decision-making and drafting skills of legal experts, putting their intelligence in your hands.

We’ve automated the legal documents that make law firms profitable.

With helpful guidance and a seamless drafting process, most documents in our suite can be produced in under 20 minutes.

  • Estate Planning and Trusts: Never refer away estate planning work again, with a suite of documents including an advanced Will with Testamentary Discretionary Trust

  • Corporate and Commercial: Our users charge up to $15,000 for a Smarter Drafter pack that has everything a new business will need, including an advanced Shareholders Agreement

  • Employment: Everything a business needs, even an advanced Employee Option Plan

  • Finance and Property: From leases to loans, Smarter Drafter has you covered

  • Client Guides: Marketing documents, customised with your logo, that will bring in more clients at higher fees

  • And more: Our Knowledge Management Team keep everything up to date and add new documents constantly.

Used by hundreds of lawyers across Australia

See how Smarter Drafter has created the law firm of the future.

"I made back the cost of my Smarter Drafter subscription in the first week of using it! Delighted with this product and the amazing support."

Jeanne-Maré van der Merwe

Jeanne-Maré van der Merwe

Merwida Law - Dunsborough, WA

"Smarter Drafter provides a very useful range of automated precedents, which every law firm will require at some point to cater for the needs of their clients. It is extremely easy to use. The cost of our subscription was recovered by our firm swiftly given the demand for a number of different agreements, particularly loan agreements and deeds of guarantee. We definitely intend on continuing our subscription with Smarter Drafter well into the foreseeable future and look forward to having access to the growing range of automated documents."

Hassan Hammoud

Hassan Hammoud

HP Legal - Sydney CBD, NSW

"My Smarter Drafter subscription has been very profitable for me and has really helped with growing my firm. The key aspects for me are the quality of the drafting and the excellent capacity for customisation through the automated process. I can also be confident that the Smarter Drafter documents are protecting my clients. Compared with the standard precedents that most small firms use - which are very vanilla and don't provide the same quality of protection - it's chalk and cheese."

Cameron Shaw

Cameron Shaw

Telemon Lawyers - Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW

"Running a small firm is tough, and achieving growth is even harder - but Smarter Drafter makes it possible for partners and senior lawyers to delegate while actually increasing quality control and reducing the supervision burden."

David King

David King

Schofield King Lawyers - Sydney CBD, NSW

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