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Learn why more and more Australian lawyers are turning to Smarter Drafter when it comes to drafting legal documents.

Empowering graduates to perform at Partner level

Lawyers Conveyancing is a high-quality provider of online conveyancing and estate-planning services in the Melbourne metropolitan area and across regional Victoria. They are big believers in value-based pricing with the majority of their services having fixed fees.  This has helped Peter Mericka and his team build trust and confidence with his clients who see the firm as standing out within the legal services industry.


The Partners at Lawyers Conveyancing wanted to scale their firm by reducing the reliance of junior lawyers upon them.  In particular, they wanted to empower paralegals and inexperienced members of the legal team to be more adventurous in investigating the way a client’s instructions result in a well-written and professionally presented document.


Unlike other ‘legal technology’, such as LexisNexis or LawCite, the graduates at Lawyers Conveyancing found Smarter Drafter to be a simple yet efficient tool to use in their upskilling. The Smart Q&A forms were easy to follow and the final document was fully tailored to the client’s circumstances.


Smarter Drafter has accelerated the professional development of graduates at Lawyers Conveyancing. Their drafting, formatting and editing skills have improved markedly, as has their confidence when explaining legal concepts to clients. The Partners’ role has moved away from ‘hands-on’ training, to more quality control through final checks and supervision.

“I have drafted around 40 documents and counting. Because Smarter Drafter is such an intuitive program, I didn’t need any help from my principal. Once I completed the built in onboarding program and deep dive tutorials, I was ready to go.”

– Ryan Scott – Lawyers Conveyancing

“Smarter Drafter has the “smarts of the lawyer” built into the system so that appropriate clauses are added according to information provided by the lawyer. The lawyer doesn’t have to do anywhere near as much drafting, the clauses are well worded, and related clauses are appropriately created or updated if any input information is added or changed.”

– Peter Mericka – Principal at Lawyers Conveyancing

Saving time and increasing efficiency

Sajen Legal is not your conventional law firm; their strengths derive from their points of difference. They’ve removed the bureaucracy and timesheets, preferring to be upfront and honest about costs and addressing their clients’ expectations.


Sajen Legal wanted to improve efficiencies in document generation, while at the same time allowing for safe delegation of work to less experienced practitioners.


The team at Sajen Legal were able to get started with Smarter Drafter right away. All team members were able to create legal documents in minutes, using the Smart Q&A forms to answer questions and then getting Smarter Drafter to do all the hard work.


On average, the Sajen Legal team was able to cut down the time involved in document generation by around 75%.

The level of explanation provided to the user at each variable field is above and beyond any other product I’ve seen.”

– Kyle Kimball – Sajen Legal


Training the new generation of lawyers

Since its establishment in 1972, Leo Cussen Centre for Law has been and continues to be recognised as a centre of excellence for practical legal training and continuing professional development for entry-level lawyers through to senior legal practitioners.


With technology disrupting the legal industry, Leo Cussen was challenged with finding the right tool to use in their courses for young ‘soon-to-be’ lawyers, so that they are armed with profession-relevant skills. They wanted a tool that is both relevant to the coursework and one that showcases the latest advancements in legal technology.


Leo Cussen students found that using Smarter Drafter was much easier than other precedent tools that were used throughout the course in the past. With expert guidance along the way, Leo Cussen students were drafting top-tier level documents and reviewing content that is validated in the market.


Leo Cussen students have learnt a new industry-relevant skill, as they were able to use the latest legal technology to draft quality documents that were comprehensive, relevant and legally enforceable.

“One of Leo Cussen’s most essential functions is to ensure that we are sending out profession-relevant employees. Smarter Drafter’s effective and easy-to-use software not only provides efficiency, but it complements the skill set required for drafting. Our students are able to produce quality documents which are comprehensive, relevant, legally enforceable and created with the latest technology.”

Adam May – Lawyer at Leo Cussen Institute of Law

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