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Introducing Clause Bank: Centralise your Practice Know-how in a Single Location

From a single sentence to a page of text, create and maintain a firm-wide Clause Bank without ever leaving Microsoft Word.

We understand that each client matter offers up a new and unique scenario. While Smarter Drafter can get 99% of the job done, there is always finalisation that needs to be completed in Microsoft Word. To make this final step of the drafting process even easier, we would like to introduce the Smarter Drafter Clause Bank.

Introducing the Smarter Drafter Clause Bank

The Smarter Drafter Clause Bank gives law firms the ability to create and share a library of commonly used clauses with the entire team. Delivered via the Smarter Drafter add-in for Microsoft Word, the Clause Bank is as easy to set up as it is to use. 

Complete in Word

Create a Firm-Wide Clause Bank

Creating your Clause Bank is as simple as copy and paste. If you write a bespoke clause in a client document that you know you will reuse at a later date, simply copy and paste it into the Smarter Drafter Microsoft Word Add-In. The clause will become available to everyone in your

As you are working within the native Microsoft Word environment, you can be sure that all important formatting remains intact in the Smarter Drafter Clause Bank; from bullets to numbering, everything will remain the same to match your firm's style.

To make it easy for your team to find in the future, you are asked a few simple questions - Clause Name and Practice Area are mandatory, while jurisdiction and description are optional. It is that easy. 

One-Click Insert

Once added, the clause becomes available to everyone in your team.

The built-in filtering simplifies finding the right clause. Decide whether to display only the clauses you created or those created by the entire firm. Alternatively, utilise the weighted search to find documents by Name, Practice Area, Jurisdiction, or Description.

Once you have located the clause you want, click insert and it will appear instantly
wherever your cursor is positioned. You’ve now incorporated a firm-approved clause without needing to search through old documents or email your colleagues.

Available Now

The Clause Bank is now available for all Smarter Drafter subscribers.

To get started, install the Smarter Drafter Add-in for MS Word. To do this directly within Word, start by clicking Insert > Get Add-ins. Then simply search for "Smarter Drafter" and you'll find what you're looking for.

If you need more details, download the Clause Bank Factsheet (button below) or for more information on the Smarter Drafter Word Add-in, please visit the Smarter Drafter Help Centre (here) and read our Microsoft Word Add-In article.