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Content Partner Program: Family Law Education Network of Australia (FLENA)

Game-changing development for our Smarter Drafter users, particularly those practising in Family Law.

Smarter Drafter is now partnering with the Family Law Education Network of Australia (FLENA) through our Content Partner Program. This collaboration is set to redefine how Family Law professionals streamline their workflows and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Elevating Efficiency with Specialised Content

With the introduction of the Content Partner Program (see press release), Smarter Drafter is expanding its capabilities to offer specialised legal content tailored to the unique needs of any firm practising in Family Law. By partnering with FLENA, renowned for its expertise in Family Law precedents, we're empowering our users to access a wealth of meticulously crafted documents, checklists, and matter plans designed to enhance efficiency and ensure compliance. As all of the FLENA content is both FCFCOA and Central Practice Directions compliant, it is perfect for any family law matter.

 Our existing ‘Essentials’ precedent bank within Smarter Drafter is ideal for a firm covering many practice areas, says Steve Hantos, CEO of Smarter Drafter. We consistently hear customer feedback on the quality of our precedents and how the breadth of scope allows firms to practice across multiple areas. With the launch of our Content Partner Program, we can go further, offering highly specialised precedents, checklists and matter plans to firms that focus on a specific area of law.

Meet Our Content Partner: FLENA

FLENA has long been recognised as a pioneer in the field of Family Law precedents, delivering high-quality resources that meet the highest standards of accuracy and compliance. As our inaugural Content Partner, FLENA brings decades of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of Family Law to the Smarter Drafter platform.

Following the best practice principles of Australian Family Law, the FLENA precedent bank is an extensive library of letters, notices, checklists, case outlines and more, covering all aspects of Family Law practice.

By automating the FLENA precedents via Smarter Drafter, users are taken step-by-step through every document. Smarter Drafter's Q+A form dynamically adapts to your answers and prompts you for everything needed to complete each FLENA document. Be supported with on-screen prompts, tips and definitions.

“The FLENA precedent bank has been designed to increase a Family Law firm’s productivity and profitability”, says Amanda Little, founder of FLENA. “Firms using our precedents have a proven track record of improving their billing by at least 10 units per day, per practitioner.”

“The delivery of FLENA precedents via the Smarter Drafter platform gives firms yet another competitive edge. Immediately the FLENA precedents can now be integrated, enabling client data to be pre-populated, with all the major Practice Management providers including Smokeball, LEAP, Clio and Actionstep”, continues Amanda. “The ability to then leverage Smarter Drafter’s digital signatures and direct saving to a firm’s practice or document management system saves even more time and adds predictability into the time it takes to complete each stage of the client matter.”

Navigating Change Together

With significant changes to the Family Law Act this month, the timing of our partnership with FLENA couldn't be better. By automating FLENA precedents, Smarter Drafter users can navigate regulatory changes with confidence, knowing that they have access to up-to-date and compliant legal documents that are 100% automated.

Available Now

The FLENA precedent bank is available now for firms new to Smarter Drafter and as an add-on for existing Smarter Drafter customers. To learn more about the firm benefits of FLENA automated via Smarter Drafter click here.

For firms new to Smarter Drafter complete the ‘Get Started’ form on our website. 

For existing customers, email for pricing.