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Lexon Wills and EPOAs Risk Procedures now Automated.

Smarter Drafter is proud to announce the automation of Lexon’s Wills and EPoA Risk Procedures pack.

Established in 2004 by the Queensland Law Society, Lexon's (link) purpose is to provide world-class professional indemnity and risk management services to Queensland legal practices. Along with indemnity insurance, it also offers checklists and procedures to its members.

Available now in Smarter Drafter

The Lexon Wills and EPOAs Risk Procedure Pack has now been automated and available to use via Smarter Drafter. This includes:

  • 1. First Contact and Estate Planning Checklist
  • 2. Initial Letter to Client
  • 3. Letter to Client - Enclosing Costs Agreement
  • 4. Wills Information Checklist
  • 5. Interim Will Checklist
  • 6. EPOA Instructions Checklist
  • 7. Letter to Client - enclosing estate planning documents
  • 8. Will Execution Checklist
  • 9. EPOA Execution Checklist
  • 10. Letter to Client - Completion of Work
  • 11. Letter to Attorney - enclosing EPOA for signing
  • Letter to Accountant or Financial Planner
  • Letter to Client - Chasing Instructions
  • Letter to Doctor - Part 1 of 2
  • Letter to Doctor - Pro-Forma Medical Report
  • Wills and EPOA – Overview
  • Wills and EPOA Risk Pack Completion Checklist

Each of these documents can now be created efficiently and accurately through Smarter Drafter.

Access the Lexon documents now

The automated Lexon Wills and EPOAs Risk Procedure Pack is available to all Smarter Drafter customers who are also Lexon customers at no additional cost. As Smarter Drafter is in the cloud, the automations can easily be made available with a change to your account. To make this change simply email with details of Lexon account and we can do the rest.