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Smarter Drafter + NetDocuments

Combine the best-in-class document automation
and document management platforms with our one-click integration.

Smarter Drafter + NetDocuments
Smarter Drafter + NetDocuments

What does this integration do?

Smarter Drafter and NetDocuments integrate seamlessly so that documents are all kept in one place, saving you time and keeping things simple.

Smarter Drafter + NetDocuments Integration

Send to NetDocuments Dialog

Send and Save directly with NetDocuments

Save directly to a folder in your NetDocuments matters to maintain integrity of your documents

Send to NetDocuments Dialog

Documents generated in Smarter Drafter can be saved directly to a folder in your NetDocuments matters. You’ll be able to keep all your documents in one place with just a single click, helping you avoid double-handling and maintaining the integrity of your documents.

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