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Smarter Drafter + LEAP

Combine the best-in-class document automation
and practice management platforms with our one-click integration.

Smarter Drafter + LEAP
Smarter Drafter + LEAP

What does this integration do?

Smarter Drafter and LEAP integrate seamlessly so that contact details aren’t being duplicated and documents are all kept in one place, saving you time and keeping things simple.

Smarter Drafter + LEAP integration

Send to LEAP-1

Automatically synchronised

Save time, reduce errors and maintain a single source of truth

Send to LEAP-1

Smarter Drafter and your LEAP contacts are automatically synchronised each time you use a Smart Q&A Form.

This integration will help save you time and cut down errors by automatically filling in the details of all the parties in a legal document whilst also ensuring that you have a single source of truth for all your contacts.

Send and Save directly with LEAP

Save directly to a folder in your LEAP matters to maintain integrity of your documents

Send to LEAP Dialog

Documents generated in Smarter Drafter can be saved directly to a folder in your LEAP matters. You’ll be able to keep all your documents in one place with just a single click, helping you avoid double-handling and maintaining the integrity of your documents.

Send to LEAP Dialog

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