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Single Source of Truth: Smarter Drafter’s Integration Journey Continues

At Smarter Drafter, we are dedicated to enhancing legal precedent automation by broadening our integration capabilities

Our journey is marked by continuous innovation, and we're thrilled to announce our next big leap: the development of an integration with Elite 3E Practice Management Software.  As part of our journey, we're also excited to sponsor Vantage, the premier Elite User Conference, further solidifying our commitment to integration and legal technology advancement.

Integration: The Core of Our Mission

Integration is not just a feature at Smarter Drafter; it's a cornerstone of our mission. We understand the transformative power of seamless connectivity between legal practice management systems (PMS) and automation solutions. Our goal is to eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and save time, thereby enabling legal professionals to focus on what they do best. The upcoming integration with Elite 3E is a testament to our ongoing effort to support law firms in their quest for efficiency and excellence.

Elite 3E Integration: What’s Next

Our next milestone is the development integration with Elite 3E, a leading practice management solution. This integration, currently under development, offers further choices and flexibility for the Smarter Drafter community. It underscores our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of legal professionals, ensuring they have the best tools at their disposal for managing client and matter details with unparalleled ease and accuracy. The integration with Elite 3E is planned to be available in mid-2024.

Sponsoring Vantage: A Step Towards the Future

We are proud to sponsor the Vantage user conference, a gathering that symbolises innovation and collaboration in the legal technology space. Scheduled for Monday, 18 March 2024, in Barangaroo, Sydney, Vantage is an opportunity for us to showcase our commitment to integration and legal tech advancement.

  • Networking and Knowledge Sharing: Vantage is more than just a conference; it's a community event that brings together legal professionals, technology experts, and thought leaders. We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing insights, and learning from the experiences of attendees. It's an excellent opportunity for networking, discovering best practices, and exploring the latest trends in legal technology.

  • Product Roadmaps: One of the highlights of Vantage is the unveiling of product roadmaps, including the exciting direction of Elite 3E. These sessions provide invaluable insights into future trends and how they align with our vision for integration and automation. We're eager to learn and adapt, ensuring that Smarter Drafter remains at the forefront of legal tech innovation.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

Our sponsorship of Vantage and the upcoming integration with Elite 3E are pivotal moments in our journey. Join us at Vantage to witness the future of legal technology and learn more about our integration journey. Together, we're not just witnessing change; we're driving it.