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Smarter Drafter integration with Clio - Available Now

Smarter Drafter integration is now available in the Clio App Store


At Smarter Drafter, we want to make the drafting of complex legal documents as fast and efficient as possible. This means, wherever possible we want to eliminate the need to rekey client information that is stored somewhere else – especially in a firms’ Practice Management System. That is why we have developed integrations with Practice Management vendors like LEAP, Smokeball and Actionstep.

Clio Integration now Available

The Australian legal technology landscape is continually evolving, offering with a diverse choice of solutions to assist in running a successful law firm. The latest entrant into the Australian legal tech market is Clio – the globally renowned Practice Management solution originally founded in Canada.

We are excited to bring forward innovative solutions to Australia, serving such a vibrant legal community”, Jack Newton, CEO of Clio

Smarter Drafter are proud to announce that we now integrate with Clio practice management and are listed on the Clio app store.

Smarter Drafter + Clio Integration

Instant Access

Both Smarter Drafter and Clio are cloud-based solutions, making the integration process simple and quick. Legal professionals can activate this integration effortlessly by authenticating Clio through the Smarter Drafter integrations page. No installs required, no messy conversions – the integration occurs instantly.

This means that a firm starting out with Clio, can immediately have access to top-tier legal precedents and documents with state-of-the-art automation.

Single Source of Truth

The integration synchronises content and address details directly from Clio into the Smarter Drafter documents. No rekeying is ever required, and the contact details continue to be managed centrally in Clio with all updates reflecting in Smarter Drafter.

Simplified Document Management

Beyond data synchronisation, the integration facilitates the smooth saving of completed legal documents back into Clio. This feature streamlines the document management process by ensuring that all case-related documentation is well-organised and accessible within the Clio ecosystem.

Start Today

The Clio integration is part of our continuous effort to broaden the range of integrations available, signifying our commitment to offering solutions that meet the needs of Australian legal professionals. As we extend our suite of integrations, we reinforce our promise to empower lawyers with effective, adaptable tools crucial for success in a dynamic and competitive industry.