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Family Law: PPP Financial Summary Available Now

The latest content addition has been designed for a fast and flexible assembly experience.

We are pleased to announce that the Priority Property Pool (PPP) Financial Summary form has been added to the Smarter Drafter library of Family Law documents. 

When to use this form

Applicants must file a PPP Financial Summary along with their Initiating Application and Genuine Steps Certificate if they are applying for their matter to be designated as a Priority Property Pool (PPP) case ie where they are only seeking financial relief (ie property settlement and/or spousal maintenance) and the asset pool of the relationship has a total value of less than $550,000 (excluding superannuation).

For further details regarding the PPP summary we recommend reading the Guide for Practitioners and Parties in Priority Property Pool Cases and Family Law Practice Direction – Priority Property Pool Cases. 

Express Document

The PPP Financial Summary is our first ‘Express Document’. The drafting has been designed to give you a faster and more flexible document assembly experience. 

The Smarter Drafter interview form captures basic information relating to the matter - court details, parties, children and legal representation. Once entered, the document is generated in MS Word where further information is entered directly into the document.  

By completing the remainder of the document in MS Word, the user is provided with further context for the information they are entering. You can see exactly where the information resides in the form, ensuring further accuracy of the drafting process.

Rapid data entry

The Word document that is generated for the PPP Financial Summary has been configured to ensure that it can be completed as quickly as possible. Word variables have been added to the document taking you to to where information needs to be entered and to total amounts where required:

  • Press F11 to jump through the entry points
  • Press F9 on total fields to rerun the calculation


As always, we welcome your feedback.  Please let us know what you think of the Smarter Drafter Express PPP Financial Summary by emailing and your feedback will be passed directly to our Content Team.