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Meet the tool powering Australia’s most profitable law firms.

Hundreds of law firms across Australia use Smarter Drafter to create legal documents, often without their clients knowing. Smarter Drafter users get more done, charge more for it and have more time for their clients (and their family).

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In a fixed-price world, produce more legal documents in less time than even before. Smarter Drafter massively reduces the time you’ll spend in Microsoft Word – and that means more time with clients.

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Con Comino

“In our first year of using Smarter Drafter, we created 170 wills. Many of these clients were conveyancing clients who, after a major asset change, were ready to review their estate planning. I found the system a very fast way to produce advanced wills.”
– Con Comino, Estate Planner

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Stop referring work away. With a huge range of automated documents, from estate planning to company management, you can offer services you previously referred away, at a specialist level.

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Anonymous Testimonial

“I feel that your document creation software is so excellent that it gives me a competitive advantage over other law firms in my service area. I do not want to alert those other firms to the existence of my competitive advantage and therefore I will have to graciously decline your invitation (to leave a testimonial).”
– Partner of a small law firm, Perth, WA

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Specialist-level documents means you can charge more for your service. Our clients tell us they are now charging $3500 for estate planning documents that they used to charge $500 for.

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David King

“I can produce an estate planning pack worth $3500 in under twenty minutes. The equivalent billable rate is through the roof.”
– David King, Partner at Schofield King Legal

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