Smarter than hours of proofing 'copy-paste' hiring more lawyers

Smarter than

hours of proofing 'copy-paste' hiring more lawyers

Take the pain out of drafting

Traditional, manual legal drafting is slow, boring and risky.

We’ve automated the boring bits so you can enjoy being a lawyer again. That means:

  • no more tedious proof-reading;
  • no more battling with formatting;
  • no more hacking documents together with ‘copy-paste’; and
  • no more stress worrying about errors.

You didn’t become a lawyer to do tedious proofreading and word processing. Be the lawyer you want to be – a trusted legal advisor doing the kind of work that matters: strategy, structuring, negotiation and advice. That’s what clients really value.

Get started immediately

You be the jockey, we’ll be the horse.

Document automation can be tedious and time consuming.  Thankfully, we’ve already done the hard work for you, so you can get started immediately producing automated documents at a top-tier level. With more than 1,000 lawyers using our platform across Australia, our documents are amongst the most scrutinised in the industry and have been validated in the market.

There’s no need to spend your time and money trying to do what we’ve already done for you.  With Smarter Drafter, you can start creating documents across multiple practice areas now.

Focus on your clients

The value of your practice is in your clients, not your content. Free yourself from drafting to spend more time building client relationships.

With Smarter Drafter doing the finicky drafting work for you, now you can invest the time you would have spent drafting and proofreading in building lasting connections with your clients. Your practice isn’t growing while you’re cobbling documents together with ‘cut and paste’ in MS Word – it grows while you’re speaking and meeting with clients and potential clients.

So throw your red pen in the bin and pick up the phone instead. Now you can delegate with confidence to junior staff who can produce documents at a Partner level. With less stress about quality control, you’ll be able to focus on growing your firm.

Future-proof your practice

Technology is changing the practice of law faster than you realise. Don’t bury your head in the sand – adapt now to survive and thrive.

Smarter Drafter is the first legal document automation system to perform at the level of real human lawyers. The key is the depth of automation – we’ve taken document automation way past merging a few names and addresses into a document to a point never previously thought possible. Smarter Drafter’s proprietary Real Human Reasoning™ technology has captured the decision-making processes of top-level lawyers to draft documents that are no different, down to the single character, to what an expert human lawyer would produce.

The practice of law is rapidly changing and technology is driving the change. To survive, you’ll need to adopt new technologies. With Smarter Drafter, you will thrive.

More than 1,000 lawyers now operate this way.

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