The terms and conditions on this page form part of our Usage Terms.

Unlimited number of documents

A subscription entitles your firm to create an unlimited number of documents during your subscription period.

File formats for documents

For Premium and Professional plans, all documents are delivered in both Word and PDF format. We reserve the right to provide documents in PDF format only during trial periods (see below regarding trial periods). For Basic plans, documents are delivered in PDF format only.

Range of documents

Premium and Professional plans give your firm access to all documents types. Basic plans do not receive access to our law firm marketing documents. Subscriptions generally include access to all new documents in those ranges after you join – however, we reserve the right to charge extra for certain new documents and, if so, you will be given the option whether or not to include those new documents in your subscription.

Authorised users

Each plan includes access for a limited number of users as shown on our pricing page from time to time. All users must be employees of your firm. If you wish to give access to any contractors/consultants, you must first obtain our express written permission. Sharing of access with anyone who is not an employee of your firm is strictly prohibited.

Sole practitioners

We may offer discounted pricing for sole practitioners at our discretion. A “sole practitioner” is defined as a law firm with only a single fee-earner – if your firm has any additional fee-earners in any practice areas, including any paralegals or conveyancers, your firm is not eligible for any special sole practitioner pricing.

12-month subscription periods

All subscriptions, whether with monthly or annual billing, involve an initial 12-month commitment and will automatically renew for further 12-month commitment periods. To turn off automatic renewal, you will need to provide us with written notice of cancellation at least 1 calendar month before the renewal date. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, our standard pricing as advertised on our pricing page at the time of renewal will apply to the renewal period.

30-day trial period

All subscriptions include an initial 30-day trial period which, if free, will not be counted toward the 12-month commitment. We reserve the right to provide documents in PDF format only during the trial period.

So long as you provide us with written notice of cancellation in accordance with the requirements below, your subscription will be terminated and any payment(s) made during this period will be refunded.

If you do not validly cancel prior the end of the 30-day trial period, you will be obliged to complete the first 12 months of your subscription and any amounts already paid will not be refunded. If, however, we choose to provide a refund at our absolute discretion, the transaction fees charged by our payment provider will be deducted from the amount refunded. At present, those transaction fees are equal to 2% of the amount paid.

We reserve the right to terminate any unpaid trial at any time at our absolute discretion.

Payment Processing Fees

Payments made by any method other than by Direct Debit (DD) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (i.e. any payment made by credit or debit card) will attract a fee of 2.25% + GST.  If you wish to avoid this fee, please contact us at and we will advise you on how to switch to DD or EFT.

Requirements for valid cancellation within the trial period

Any cancellations must be notified to us in writing on or before the second-last Business Day of your trial period. For this purpose, “Business Day” means a day when banks in Sydney are open for business – eg, if your trial period ends on a Saturday or Sunday then you would need to notify us on or before the preceding Thursday. Your date of purchase is included within your 30-day free trial, so the last day of your trial period will be the day that is 29 days after your date of purchase.


You are only permitted to use any content that you receive through Smarter Drafter while your Smarter Drafter subscription is active. Any use of content created through Smarter Drafter after your subscription has expired will be a breach of copyright and legal action may be taken.

This provision on copyright extends to the tens of thousands of variations of each document that the Smarter Drafter system can produce across a huge range of fact scenarios, including prior content that has been superseded by the regular updates made by our Knowledge Management team.

See our Fair Use Policy for further information regarding authorised use of our content.