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Estate Planning

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Simple Will

  • Express Mirror Wills

  • Express Will – All to Children

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Enduring Guardianship / Advance Health Directive

  • Probate


  • Services Agreement

  • Terms of Business for Services

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • 1-Page NDA

  • Deed of Amendment

  • Deed of Guarantee

  • Deed of Novation

  • Deed of Termination and Release

  • Website Terms of Use; Privacy Policy; Returns Policy


  • Binding Financial Agreement

  • Binding Child Support Agreement

  • Application for Divorce

  • Subpoena

  • Notice of Objection to a Subpoena

  • Property Orders

  • Initiating Application

  • Parenting Orders

  • Financial Statement

  • Balance Sheet

Real Estate

  • Commercial Lease (non-retail)

  • Deed of Transfer of Lease

  • Conveyancing – Special Conditions


  • Employment Contract

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employee Option Plan

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

Intellectual Property

  • IP Licence Agreement

  • Deed of Assignment of IP

  • Consent to Use of Quote, Image or Recording


  • Loan Agreement

  • Loan Facility Agreement

  • Promissory Note

  • General Security Deed

Dispute Resolution

  • Deed of Settlement and Release

  • Statutory Demand


  • Family Trust Deed

  • Unit Trust Deed

  • Family Trust Resolutions


  • Shareholders’ Deed

  • Unitholders’ Deed

  • Business Sale Agreement

  • Deed of Accession/Adherence

  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity

  • Pack to complete issue of securities

  • Pack to complete transfer of securities


  • Asset Sale Agreement

Company Secretarial

  • Power of Attorney for execution of documents

  • Director approvals for execution of documents

  • Pack for appointment of directors

  • Pack for resignation of directors

  • Pack to change company name

  • Pack to change company constitution

  • Constitution of Pty Ltd company

  • Deed of Access and Indemnity

Client Engagement

  • Engagement Letter / Costs Agreement

Law Firm Marketing

  • Legal Health Check

  • Commercial Lease Legal Guide

  • Independent Contractors Legal Guide

  • Startups Legal Guide

  • Premium Wills Legal Guide

  • Business Essentials Legal Guide

  • Privacy GDPR Update

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