Self-Service Portal

Offer your firm’s services online by embedding forms directly into your website. Your clients can create and purchase customised documents themselves or send them to you for revision.

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Deliver legal services online, easily

With the Self-Service Portal, our Smart Q&A forms are seamlessly embedded into your firm’s website using your branding.

What are the benefits?

Smarter Drafter is the only automation provider that enables you to start selling legal documents online, instantly. We’ve already done the hard work automating numerous documents for you across multiple practice areas – just flick the switch and your firm-branded Self-Service Portal is up and running immediately.

Lead Generation

The client connections that you make through your online portal are even more valuable than your online sales. When visitors engage with your Smart Q&A forms, their contact details are collected, so that you can follow up to offer them additional services such as document review, a free consultation, further advice, etc.

Lead generation form in the E-Commerce Portal
Chatbot with contact details.

Build Relationships

Simply display your firm’s telephone number and a basic contact form or chat bot on the page to generate additional incoming enquiries from users who would like assistance with answering the questions. This lets you create an online presence that’s always available, capturing more enquiries and building more client relationships.

Chatbot with contact details.

Passive Income and Scalability

Until now, you’ve only earned when you’re “on the clock”, but with your Self-Service Portal powered by Smarter Drafter, you’ll be able to generate passive income from online sales. Firms with an established brand can leverage their brand online. If you’re still building your firm’s brand, coupling your Self-Service Portal with the right marketing is a powerful way to scale your business and establish a strong online presence.

Payment form allowing clients to make a payment.

Become a “High-Tech” Firm Instantly

Nowadays, clients expect you to utilise technology. Clients are demanding better results faster, and they’re choosing firms based upon their technological image. With your Self-ServicePortal, your firm can go from zero to “high-tech” in 60 seconds.

The Self-Service Portal is fully white-labelled with your firm’s branding, so clients will think that you’ve built it yourself, and with Smarter Drafter’s unique plug-and-play online solution, you’ll be up and running with a comprehensive, top-tier quality online legal documents offering instantly.

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