Document Management

Manage documents, clone and resume forms as well as send documents to your clients for e-signatures with just a single click.

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Manage everything in one place

With Smarter Drafter’s Submissions Table you can manage every aspect of document creation and execution.  Resume, clone, and edit previously saved or completed Smart Q&A Forms, send documents by email or to your Practice Management System or send completed documents to your clients for electronic signatures, all from one place.

Team Collaboration

Gain full visibility of all the documents created/saved by all of the members of your team.

Custom Names

Stay organised by naming your documents with the client’s name, matter number or version number.

Search and Filter

Search, sort and filter your document submissions by date, status and team member.


Seamlessly send your submitted documents to your document and practice management software.

E-Signatures are here!

Send any document to your clients and have them sign it electronically in a secure and reliable environment.

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