The lawyer of the future isn’t human.

It’s a voice on your desk – a virtual lawyer built for Amazon’s Alexa device with Smarter Drafter’s legal technology, our prototype creates lawyer-quality non-disclosure agreements. 

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Working alongside their human counterparts, artificially intelligent virtual lawyers will create all the documents a lawyer needs.

Our virtual lawyer will work like this in the future:
Firstly, Amazon’s Alexa connects to the Smarter Drafter platform. To begin the automated drafting, the Alexa Skill opens Smarter Drafter and asks the lawyer questions related to the client scenario. Secondly, using voice-recognition, the virtual lawyer collects answers and enters them into the system. Thirdly, the Smarter Drafter engine processes all the information and generates a fully customised document. Finally, the lawyer receives the documents via email. All they have to do is perform due diligence and then send the document to their client. Regardless of the information that was entered, the document is always correctly formatted and error-free.

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The Vision

Virtual Lawyer and Smarter Drafter
Smarter Drafter's virtual lawyers running on Amazon's Alexa

Current Technology

Our prototype virtual lawyer is built on Smarter Drafter’s powerful software.

We’re still working on our Alexa lawyer, but Smarter Drafter is here and ready for you to use.
Join hundreds of law firms across Australia who use Smarter Drafter to create their legal documents.
We’re told that our users get more done, charge more for their services and have more time for their clients (and their family).

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Artificial intelligence and virtual lawyers are a hot topic right now.

We’ve generated plenty of talk in the industry. As a result, these publications have featured us on their websites:

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