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    Smarter Drafter is Australia’s leading provider of automated legal documents for law firms.


    Send any document to your clients and have them sign it electronically in a secure and reliable environment.

    Smarter Forms
    Draft documents through Smart Q&A forms that dynamically adapt to your answers and the matter.


    Document Management
    Access your documents, view your previous answers, and clone and edit prior submissions.

    Intake Forms
    Streamline your instruction-taking process by getting your clients to fill in their details online.


    Self-Service Portal
    Offer legal services online by embedding white-labelled Smart Q&A forms into your firm’s website.

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We’re revolutionising document creation.

Smarter Drafter is transforming the way documents are prepared.

About Smarter Drafter

Smarter Drafter has automated a large range of sophisticated legal documents across a broadening range of practice areas. Our platform is in use by more than 1,500 lawyers across Australia. We aim to automate bespoke, high-value legal services that most people currently think are too complex to be automated. Our key points of difference are the quality of our documents and the extent of our automation – with Smarter Drafter, your first draft can be your last draft.

Our Vision

Our aim is to revolutionise the way documents are prepared. In our world, documents are dynamic and intelligent, not just static pages of text. We aim to put super-powered document automation in the hands of everyone globally, and we’re starting by transforming the way legal documents are created for Australian lawyers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to give lawyers and their clients easy and affordable access to top-tier quality legal documentation.

We understand that all lawyers, especially those at small and medium firms, are spread thin and under immense pressure to rush, which exposes them to professional risk. That’s stressful.

The solution is automation. Smarter Drafter automates the production of sophisticated, high-value documents with absolutely no compromise in quality – complete automation and 100% perfection – so you can focus on the work you love and adds value to clients.


Our Values

Finding new and better ways of doing things

We’re constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things. We don’t accept the status quo. We seek to disrupt the status quo.

A rising tide that lifts all boats

We co-operate to lift us all together through teamwork and genuine care for one another. We seek to raise the bar for the entire legal industry.

Integrity, honesty and the strength of our reputation

We know that the world is small and that word spreads fast. We know that we are representatives of one another. We know that we are building something together.

Constantly striving for perfection

“Close enough” is not good enough. We set the highest possible standards for ourselves. We hold ourselves accountable.

Passion and enthusiasm

We seek to inspire our customers and each other.

Our Technology

When we founded Smarter Drafter, we had no intention of inventing our own document automation technology, but we tested every major document automation tool in the market and none could achieve our desired level of automation.

The challenge we set for ourselves is to adapt the drafting to suit the facts so that the output is identical, down to the single character, to what an expert human lawyer would produce working manually – no compromises and no cutting corners. None of the existing document automation tools could facilitate this, so we invented our own.

It’s called Real Human Reasoning™ and this proprietary technology is what enables us to achieve a level of automation that feels like AI. Seeing is believing, so give it a try:


Our Team

We are a team of lawyers and technologists who are passionate about finding new and better ways of delivering legal services.

We share the view that top-tier level legal documents shouldn’t only be accessible to huge corporations with bottomless pockets. By combining top-tier level documents with our proprietary document automation technology, we’re raising the bar, defining a higher market standard for legal services in Australia and making top-tier level documentation accessible to everyone.

We’re proud to be a homegrown Australian technology success. All of our automated legal documents are developed by our team of Australian lawyers working together with a national network of expert consultants. Our proprietary Real Human Reasoning™ technology is developed by our own software engineers working with us locally in Australia.

We’ve drawn from a wealth of global experience to build a world-leading document automation platform.

Built by expert lawyers who have worked with:

Clifford Chance
Allens Linklaters
Baker McKenzie

Our Achievements

We’re proud of our achievements and constantly strive to improve and grow:


Firms using Smarter Drafter


Automated documents


States and Territories covered by our documents


Fastest growing legal-tech company in Australia

We’re growing! Join the fun

Smarter Drafter has experienced triple-digit growth and the team is expanding. The crew here at Smarter Drafter are hardworking, fun-loving people who are passionate about leading the legal industry into the future. Want to join us?

We’re growing! Join the fun